Develop Self Control; Art Therapy 6-12yrs

In this fun and effective group, children will learn to recognize behavioral problems and understand how feelings influence their behavior. They will learn to understand that behaviors lead to consequences, and understand the need for discipline. They will recognize feelings of powerlessness, learn to think before they act, and show greater responsibility for other family members. They will learn to identify behavioral problems at school, learn good relationship skills, and increase self-esteem.
Ages 6 – 8: Saturdays at 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Ages 9 – 12: Saturdays at 11:30am – 12:30pm
DATE: June 25, through July 30, 2016
WHERE: 1215 North Greengate Road, Ste D
Jeannette, 15644
COST: $150.00 total cash in advance due by 6/11/2016
PLUS $10.00 for the workbook and supplies
RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW (724) 832-1700

Gaining free time

How would your life be better if you had more free time…

Making time for yourself starts small. 

* Spend more time in the shower every morning.

* Go for a walk.

* Listen to music.

* Take one minute for yourself; wipe bug off windshield, make doctor’s appointment, hug, etc….

* Doodling; it frees your mind from daily stressful thoughts  

What one simple change could you make to be less busy?